Dieter was born and raised in Calgary alongside active siblings and was constantly enrolled in a wide variety of athletics, the household always had a natural/alternative approach to health and wellness. Strongly influenced by a chiropractor as a close family friend, Dieter experienced the benefits of a proactive approach to healing through body work early on. His intrigue began in high school with involvement in sports medicine classes and hasn’t ceased. After accumulating numerous sports related injuries along with compounding work related stressors he was prompted to immerse himself in a hands on approach to his own well being and explore a career in Massage therapy.

In 2013, Dieter enrolled at Mckay college of Massage and Hydrotherapy, where he was recognized for attaining the highest level of professionalism in his graduating class with a strong focus on sports performance/recovery, myofascial release, orthopaedic testing, facilitated stretching, hydrotherapy and conventional relaxation techniques.  Dieter is also certified in champissage (East Indian head massage).

Dieter is passionate about helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.  Knowing lasting change can be implemented and understanding the importance of preventative therapeutic treatment, Dieter strives to deliver optimal care and effective education. Freedom of mobility is of utmost importance and the ability to function within gravity while maintaining balance is the foundation of his practice.

Outside of work, Dieter spends most of his time outdoors or in the gym, biking, playing tennis, practicing yoga and with friends and family. He is fortunate to have traveled to a multitude of countries and his hobbies include aerial video/photography along with vintage moped restoration.