Sean Hoey RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

I received my diploma from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy where I graduated with distinction. I am registered with the National Health Practitioners of Canada.

My interest in massage therapy started on the receiving end, I am a baseball pitcher and avid curler and with out massage therapy I wouldn't have been able to achieve my goals, with my sports background I was always interested in the function of the human body and testing its ability. 

With the education and personal experience with massage I believe I deliver a effective treatment for each individual I treat. My treatment style is my own mixed deep tissue/active/passive release method of therapeutic massage with some added cupping for myofascial release.
I treat each client differently as everyone's tissues respond uniquely. One of my favorite areas to treat is the neck I am very in depth and effective in this area in relieving tension.

I look forward to working with each individual. Direct Billing available.

Inside Out Therapies

2315 Lorne Ave Saskatoon SK S7J 0S4

Telephone 306-974-1004