By Jessica Penner

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (also known as Physical Therapy) is a healthcare profession with the goal of restoring a person’s movement, function, or activity. Physiotherapy uses hands-on techniques, education, modalities, equipment and exercise training to help the client. A client’s goal can be specific to a certain injury or painful area. Alternatively, the person’s goal could be more centred on preventing injury, or making sport or activities of daily living (ADL’s) more efficient and effective.

Physiotherapists work in many different settings. Physiotherapy can be accessed and needed by people of all ages- infancy to elderly. As well, physiotherapy services can be a provided to people of varying degrees of health and fitness- from serious medical conditions to elite or professional athletes, and most commonly, all of us in between!

“Private Practice” is the type of setting here, at Inside Out Therapies- Warman. This means that anyone in the public can access the clinic with or without a doctor’s referral. Payment is made directly by the person partaking in the services provided. Direct billing to insurance providers may be an option soon! Physiotherapists can also work in hospitals, care homes, schools, rehab centres, universities, sport and fitness centres, work sites, private homes, and much more! Please refer to for more detailed information on the different types of physiotherapy.

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