Indian Foot Massage~IFM

Offered by Lucinda

Indian Foot Massage:

Indian Foot Massage is an ancient Ayurvedic technique, which has been practiced in India for centuries. Indian Foot massage focuses on the feet and lower leg. A copper bowl is used throughout the session, the bowl helps to balance the tridosha of Vita, Pitta and Kapha. 


Benefits of the Indian Foot Massage:

Relaxes tired feet
Improves circulation
Enhances lower limb mobility
Restores levels of Prana (energy)
Promotes sound sleep
Relieves eyestrain and headaches
Supports Detox Programs by encouraging further the elimination of toxins.


Treatment is done fully clothed (practitioner needs access up lower legs, pants must be above knee), and is done while laying on a massage table. 


People who suffer from the following conditions or ailments can NOT receive this treatment:

Thrombosis (formation of blood clots)
High Temperatures or fever
Infectious Diseases or fungus 
Broken bones
Athletes Foot
Clients undergoing medical treatments for serious illnesses (radiation, chemo, etc)
Some diabetics (if you have diabetes, please check with your physician prior to booking)


Conditions that require CAUTION for receiving this treatment:

Cuts or abrasions on the skin
Undiagnosed lumps or bumps
Bruising to any part of the lower limb
During pregnancy (especially during the first four months)
Diabetes (approval from doctor may be required)
Strains or sprains
Painful corns, gout, warts and in-grown toe nails
Clients who are on medication for severe health conditions
Varicose veins


This treatment goes great in combination with the Indian Head Massage. Book your combo session now!

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