Sharon Koenning CBP

Certified BodyTalk Practioner



Sharon Koenning was first introduced to BodyTalk in 2008 and was very impressed by the results. After receiving just one session, Sharon was relieved from a lot of pain that had been with her for 15 years. Her results were quick. Body talk brought back the communication to Sharon's body. Healing can really be that simple. Receiving a BodyTalk session can bring back the communication that was once lost within the body, allowing it to self heal. Over the years she had tried everything to relieve the pain, with no results. Still amazed after her results from her BodyTalk session, she was sending friends and family to some practitioners in Saskatoon. Realizing the awesome self healing powers of BodyTalk, she decided to start taking the classes herself in September of 2013. She became Certified 2 months later. She practices out of her home in Cudworth, Saskatchewan and also works at Inside Out Therapies in Warman. Sharon is very passionate when it comes to BodyTalk and loves the results she has seen in her family and clientele. From babies to seniors, everyone can benefit from Bodytalk. We all deserve to live happy and pain free. Sharon was first introduced to access bars in the spring of 2014. She was very impressed with the relaxed feeling after her Bars session. Her interest led to becoming a Bars Facilitator in September 2014. Access bars are 32 points on your head that when gently touched discharges limiting beliefs. It is similar to hitting the delete button on your junk folder on your computer. The Bars slow down brain waves to allow behavioral patterns & addictions to change. Who does the Bars work for? Adults or children, any willing participant who chooses to make changes in their life. The Bars has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body and their life. You may find that you sleep better, have increased energy, enhanced healing, limitations are gone, increased confidence, reduction or elimination of pain and so much more.

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