LiteCure Laser Treatments

Chronic Arthritis, Planter Fasciitis, Inflammation, Mobility

How it works?

LiteCure Medical lasers work by flooding the tissue with photons, which energizes cells resulting in increased circulation to the injured area decreasing inflammation and ultimately pain reduction.
Laser therapy allows your body to utilize it’s own healing processes by inducing a series of healing responses in your body. During treatment you will feel a soothing warmth that identifies the beginning of an 18-24 hour process of modulated cellular activity leading to decreased pain and inflammation.



What is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?


Laser therapy is the non-invasive use of laser energy to generate a photochemical response in damaged or dysfunctional tissue. Laser therapy can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy accelerates your body’s own natural healing process through photo-bio-stimulation. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions and post surgical pain. Facilitating  improved function and mobility. Laser therapy is a drug-free, surgery-free technique.



→ Effective for difficult conditions
→ Alternative to surgery
→ Fast treatment times

Easy non-invasive treatment

A pre-surgery treatment
A post-surgery treatment to accelerate healing
A long-term pain management system
Acute injury treatment


Decrease Pain due to:

Chronic Arthritis, Planter Fasciitis, Inflammation, Mobility Issues, Joint Pain, Back Pain


Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique to help reduce pain and inflammation. Laser therapy can be safely used as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. This pain relief treatment is FDA cleared and enables patients to have an alternative to drugs and surgery.



What to expect?

Laser therapy treatments last between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the condition being treated. Treatments must be administered directly to skin, as laser light cannot penetrate through layers of clothing. You will feel a soothing warmth as the therapy is administered.
Depending on the condition being treated your therapy may be administer through either a contact or non-contact hand piece. The contact hand piece is designed to allow the practitioner to physically manipulate the tissue while administering the treatment, resulting in a laser-massage treatment. This allows for light to penetrate deeper into tissues than the non-contact hand piece due to it’s ability to displace tissue through a laser-massage technique.
Patients generally see results after 3 to 5 treatments. Your practitioner will develop a treatment plan that is optimal for your condition. 

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by calling the office.

 Zoe Stiglitz is our resident laser practitioner. 

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