What is Reiki?






Everything around us is made of vibration and frequency… this is understood as “Energy”.  We know about radar/sonar devices that are able to pick up on frequencies or movement for airplanes and submarines.  We are also aware of EEG’s and EKG’s that were developed to pick up the energy frequency of our heart and brain. We know that EEG’s and EKG’s can show rhythms that may not be normal or unidentifiable this is how we know there are objects that are interfering with the physical body or healthy rhythm in our body.

Our body is energy and when we have a healthy energy flow, every aspect of our life is in perfect rhythm mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If our energy flow is blocked it creates pain, discomfort, or an imbalance with our mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Reiki energy works on ALL levels of healing to allow healthy energy flow.

“Everything is energy that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  
         Albert Einstein


Reiki is a life altering healing energy that has endless benefits.  Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui after many years of study and research.  Usui researched this ancient healing art from scrolls in Tibet that were dated over 2500 years old.

The Japanese translation for Reiki ~ Rei means “Universal” and Ki means “Life Force Energy”.  Health benefits of Tai Chi is common knowledge, Tai Chi is an energy movement that assists our mind, body and spirit to achieve our natural healthy energy flow in our bodies. Chi in Chinese also translates “Life Force energy”, the same for Prana in India.  Reiki healing energy transfers this pure energy flow to the client from the Reiki practioner. The Reiki energy flows from the hands of the practioner, which is done with touch or a few inches away from the body. This is done fully clothed or in comfortable clothing.

Reiki works on ALL levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.  Reiki energy quiets the mind so it can effectively work to restore your natural energy flow.  Almost everyone experiences this calm peacefulness in the first session.

When our natural energy flow has been disrupted it creates a blockage that stops the natural healthy flow of energy. If the blockage goes unattended the body will become out of balance and eventually ill with dis-ease. Reiki healing energy flows through the body to release the blockage, to help regain the body’s natural energy to balance, to heal itself and prevent further illness.

It is also important to recognize the causes of physical pain.  When we begin our healing path we become aware of the things that cause our suffering. Stress is a good example of how our thoughts affect our physical body, we become overwhelmed by the events in our life, we feel tense, we get headaches, our stomach is upset, our shoulders become tense and our back may also be affected. We go to massage, chiropractors, or use medication to relieve the pain. Reiki energy and philosophy works on the cause as well as the pain.  Energy follows thought, what we think creates everything in our world. All modalities are effective and helpful to gain physical recovery but it’s important to know that Reiki energy works on ALL levels during the treatment which makes Reiki very balanced in its approach.

Our bodies have a memory for every injury....so does our mind, but we have difficulty making the connection to the memory of a trauma and how it can affect our physical wellbeing with mental and emotional pain. When we examine pain or injury by reviewing the influences Reiki energy and philosophy works to release those memories. 

It is important to realize that anytime we go through a healing process it takes time to heal physically and mentally.  Reiki energy after the first treatment can give us such a peaceful, pain free and grounded feeling that we do not see the point in continuing if we feel so good!  People have experienced relief in one session but research and experienced Reiki practioners will tell you that one session doesn’t usually do that for most people. We rarely see anyone with an infection taking one antibiotic and no longer having the virus, nor have we seen people have a massage for an injury and have an injured muscle restored.  The human body and mind is a complex system in order for your body to really release and recover it may need many Reiki Treatments before feeling restored to balance. The general amount of sessions to begin with is three. When healing begins it works in layers gently peeling back those emotional and physical pains that have occurred over a life time.

Reiki healing energy is complimentary with all cultures, belief systems and wellness practioners. Reiki is being introduced in hospitals in the U.S. Nurses are taking Reiki classes, other practioners like Reflexologists, Body Talk, Massage Therapists, are combining Reiki with their alternative therapy. Therapies that use Reiki with their alternative therapy are using Reiki for specific issues or areas of the body. When Reiki is used with other therapies, you are not receiving a “Reiki Treatment”.  Practioners who are attuned to Reiki use it to address specific needs or areas to assist therapists with the therapy that they specialize in.  This is not a Reiki Treatment, however, using Reiki with other healing sessions like massage, can be very beneficial and optimize a more wholistic recovery.  If you want to try more than one energy treatment like Reiki, Cranial Sacral or Body talk etc., it is important to space them between treatments.  Reiki has become a part of many alternative therapies because of its vast ability to work on specific issues in any situation that assists the healing process of that therapy you are receiving. To enhance you wellness it is best to have a Reiki treatment on its own to feel the full benefits of Reiki Healing energy.



~ increases & creates inner peace               ~ relieves/manages acute & chronic pain
~ eases depression, stress & anxieties        ~ assists with physical injury or recovery
~ eases grieving/feeling overwhelmed     ~ assists with recovery from surgery
~ quiets mind chatter                 ~ eases issues of addictions
~ increases confidence                             ~ increases your vitality & quality of life
~ increases focus & mental clarity     ~ improves immune system
                                    ~ relieves insomnia

     .......... and much much more !

.Reiki’s Ancient Healing Art is limitless all we need to have is an open mind & an open heart. Reiki is a life altering experience that changes peoples lifes in a subtle yet profound way. Reiki has also been the gateway or beginning of a journey for many alternative therapists


















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