The idea of healing can be foreign for some people. To consider that an illness or issue can be resolved and fully healed could take some time getting used to or even feel threatening.

Shamanic healing is an ancient form of natural healing traditionally done by shamans or medicine men to heal the issues of their community members. While recognizing and understanding that negative physical and mental conditions are created at an emotional and energetic level during trauma, these healers are able to administer energy medicine and spiritual healing at deep realms of the human bodies to accurately heal the root cause of an issue.

Because of the understanding of how issues are created and the type of medicine used, shamanic healing is a safe option for treating a diverse range of mental, emotional and physical issues. As well, its adaptability makes it an excellent addition to other existing therapies or to check the blind spots in one’s self-healing journey.

Eric Barr’s journey began with a conversation about quantum physics with a former high school teacher, who then led him to the professional shamanic training with The 8th Fire. In the five years that Eric has been practicing as a shamanic practitioner, he has been able to cultivate and hone his skills, abilities and understandings to help facilitate the process of clients making positive and lasting changes to heal their seemingly complex issues. Eric takes pride and feels honoured to provide this service and works hard to ensure that clients are safe, supported and in control while facilitating and guiding them on their healing journey within a professional atmosphere.

What To Expect During A Session

A session involves a short discussion about the client’s issue and how they experience it before moving into the healing portion of the session.  After a session, clients should expect to see themselves moving in the direction of their healed outcome.  Of course, we do not guarantee the outcome of a session as every issue and client is individual and can be complex, but a very large percentage of clients experience a significant change in their issue with next to no ill side effects.

During a session, a client may experience physical sensations such as hot and cold, tingling, or small body movements while energy is transmuting, mental visions and spiritual awareness as reconnections are made to internal realms, or the release of emotions as unresolved traumas are healed.


Sessions are $120 with GST included for the 60-minute session.  Eric encourages anyone to whom money is a barrier to receiving a healing session, to feel free to speak with him about what possibilities can be arranged.  Please note that prices are subject to change and that clients will be notified before being charged an increased rate.  Payment is due before the session and can be made by e-transfer to