Madison Mayer is a mother, partner and registered massage therapist.  She earned her diploma from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon in September 2019.

Physical activity and athletics have always been an important aspect of Madison’s life.  Growing up in a small town in northern Saskatchewan, she played every sport offered at school and enjoyed many other recreational outdoor sports and hobbies.

Madison pursued her interest in movement at the University of Saskatchewan, studying Arts and Sciences with a long-term goal of becoming a biology/physical education teacher.  Kinesiology classes made her realize that she wanted a career more dedicated to the human body and the study of body mechanics.

While putting herself through university, Madison worked in road construction for 8 years.  While working in construction, she started noticing the strain of repetitive movement, not only in herself, but in her coworkers.  She became passionate about gaining and sharing knowledge of chronic pain, postural dysfunction, lack of self-care and the “minor injuries” that were plaguing her and her coworkers.

That is when she decided to become a registered massage therapist.  She attended school while working construction and started full time as a massage therapist in December 2019.  She became a mother in April 2020 and took some time off to spend with her family.

Madison currently offers massage and prenatal massage in her treatment space.  She aims to decrease pain and postural dysfunction, and identify causes and solutions for these issues.  Her long-term goal is to never stop learning new ways to help her clients. She looks forward to adding Craniosacral Therapy and RAPID Neurofascial Reset to her available treatments in the near future.