Michelle Paul is a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Shamanic Energy Healer, Crystal Therapy Practitioner, Claircognizant and intuitive guide.

Michelle loves working with energy and facilitating huge shifts in her clients lives.  Growing up as a highly sensitive, intuitive empath always felt like a burden to her, as she absorbed the emotions of those around her without fully understanding how to transmute it.  Then she found her “why” and her path.  Learning to harness her gifts and energies to better serve humanity is a great honour and her humble mission here on Earth.

Michelle was drawn to shamanism two years ago and actively sought out her teacher, Shaman Copal Daselva from Portugal, who received teachings in the Peruvian Jungle with Indigenous tribes/natives of Peru.  After hearing her aspirations of serving her community and providing healing to her people and the earth, Copal decided to fly to Canada to train Michelle and 30 other students she had gathered for the training.  It was a remarkable experience she will never forget!  The use of life force energy, channeling great Spirit and working with sacred tools and plants felt like coming home for Michelle.  Her soul and passion for her life’s mission was ignited.  Michelle has her third degree in Shamanic Energy Healing through Copal’s school.  

Michelle is also a Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Master/Teacher, trained with Transcend with Amanda Marie Reiki & Holistic Services in Saskatoon.  After receiving her first reiki treatment, Michelle experienced major shifts in perspective and outlooks on challenging life situations.  She was able to let go of traumas, open up to her healing journey and accept love and abundance into her life.  From that day onward, she knew she was meant to learn this ancient practice and help others in her community who have also experienced trauma, difficulties in life, mental illness, limiting beliefs, negative patterns, repeating lessons, not knowing their soul’s purpose or mission here and so on.  Michelle absolutely loves working as a channel for reiki to flow through, as it literally goes to work wherever it is needed, healing the energetic bodies and therefore healing the physical body so the person receiving becomes whole, aligned, healthy and vibrant in mind, body and spirit.

Crystals have always called to Michelle.  As early as 5 years old, she can recall collecting them, placing them in her window and feeling the vibrations they emitted.  Fast forward to today and all her windows are filled with crystals!  Michelle trained with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, the most accredited online school for this type of training, in order to offer crystal healing and chakra wellness services to her clients.

Michelle is a self-taught sound healing practitioner.  She works with crystal bowls and Tibetan singing bowls to create healing frequencies that penetrate through any barriers or blockages clients may have, bringing a feeling of overall peace and tranquility, diffusing stress, anxiety and an overactive mind.

A session with Michelle may include any of the above healing modalities and more.  At the beginning of your session, Michelle will discuss with you which of her services most resonate with you and together you can determine a course of action that will best achieve your goals.

Originally from Vancouver Island, BC, Michelle is Metis with family lineages of Lax-Kw’alaams, an Indigenous village community in British Columbia, Reserve No. 1.  She is a mother to 9-year-old twin boys with big personalities and enjoys gardening, dancing and singing.  She is a vegetarian and loves to treat herself to house plants, crystals and tattoos.

Michelle offers in person and virtual appointments in Outlook and Saskatoon.

Contact Michelle directly to cancel, to book private and group sessions, community events, and retreats at: 306-987-0033 or Sovereignsoulyxe@gmail.com.