Michelle Spuzak graduated from Western Collage of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2006. Fourteen years in the massage field has taken her from owning her own clinic in partnership with a personal trainer to a busy downtown clinic in the Rocky Mountains back to her roots in Saskatchewan.

Michelle has a general practice treating a variety of different conditions, including pre/post-natal support, pre/post-surgery, injuries, athletes and chronic pain. She believes that to achieve the best results, a wholistic approach is needed, using multiple modalities to address body, mind and soul. Her many years of experience have given her a broad scope of knowledge in areas such as myofascial techniques, psychosomatic therapy and health coaching. Michelle’s treatments are a unique, intuitive mix of techniques from multiple manual therapy modalities. Treatments can be deep tissue or just relaxation depending on your treatment goals.

Michelle’s career highlights include being registered with Natural Health Practitioners Of Canada (NHPC), 10 years owning and operating a clinic, and working with members of national cross country and national biathlon teams as well as amateur athletes (bikers, rock climbers, alpine and cross country skiers).