Hello, my name is Meranda Tuleta grew up on a small farm by Porcupine Plain Saskatchewan. I moved to Saskatoon to pursue my career as a massage therapist. I am neurodivergent which allows me to see the world and challenges in a way most others are used to. I specialize in Instrument Assisted Massage Therapy (IASTM) but also offer a selection of different modalities. The goal of my massages is to get the best mileage out of a treatment by troubleshooting what is causing those aches in the first place and figuring out what else in the body could be contributing to that, then find a pattern so that the cycle of pain is discontinued. I am an energetic and bubbly person by nature and do enjoy a good joke or two and make it a goal for treatments to be fun and engaging while also helping one learn about their own body workings to increase awareness of self.