I am a registered massage therapist, intuitive tarot reader and energy healer. 

 I have a love and passion for alternative and natural medicine, and alternative modalities and mediums for healing. I strongly believe the mind, body and spirit must be nourished and treated as a whole system. I truly believe the body and mind and spirit are resilient and have a miraculous ability to heal itself, and as a practitioner I am here to help facilitate that healing. 

This has become not only my vacation, but a way of life and my “True North”

It is an expression and extension of myself, and of the natural world. 

I have been a practicing registered massage therapist since I graduated in 2016, and have been a member in good standing with the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS) since that time. 

Along with therapeutic deep tissue massage, I also offer Jade Hot and Cold Stone.

I have my Reiki Level 1 and will soon be taking my Reiki Level 2. Once I have received my Level 2 Certification I will be excited to be able to offer Reiki healing to the public.

I am an intuitive and a tarot reader, and offer readings that are available for booking as well.

Tarot is just one more alternative modality for self examination, and spiritual connection, growth and guidance. It has proven to be a beautiful catalyst for change and growth in my own life, and is a medium of spiritual connection I truly believe in.

It is always an honour and a blessing to work with any one who is willing to allow me into their personal space and energy to help facilitate healing in any capacity. I look forward to meeting you in person,

Yours in healing,

Lisa Wall RMT