What to expect in a private Sound Bath session:

We will open the session by setting our intentions. Michelle will clear the space and instruments with a ceremonial smudge. You will then be given time to get comfortable in your own space either laying or seated to prepare for a guided meditation and sound bath. 

During the guided meditation you will be encouraged to breath deeply, and exhale anything that no longer serves you, while following the guidance of Michelle’s voice. The sound bath will begin with the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls being played very gently and softly, building and layering on the acoustic sound vibrations and healing frequencies of the gongs, diving into shadow work, assisting in healing and integration of the ego self and inner child. 

The session will end with a softening of the sound healing, and a guided meditation to assist you to come back into your body, into the here and now, utilizing Breathwork and visualization. Michelle will share any messages or guidance that came through for you, from your guides/ spirit, and offer an opportunity for you to share and reflect upon your experience before closing the session.

Please be aware, that all distance sessions require an E-transfer as payment directly after the session is completed. Thank you.

What to expect during or after a Sound Bath:

Each person’s experience is, of course, unique but it’s possible for sound bathers to have a range of experiences from visions, to epiphanies, to creative solutions, and even psychedelic-like journeys. As sound baths are a mode of meditation through which the mind can become quiet, you may find that inspiration, new ideas, or breakthroughs come to you. You might like to have a journal with you to write down these thoughts afterwards.

The harmonics of the sound healing retune any emotional disharmony within us. You may experience a range of emotions and reactions such as laughing, crying, feeling scared or angry, and anything in between. Many people feel a sense of bliss and peace after a sound bath.

On a physical level, you might experience vibration in the body due to the intense and powerful sound-waves and vibrations produced during sound baths. Some people encounter this energetic clearing in the form of shaking or twitching in the body, usually through the hands and feet.


Healing benefits of Sound HealingTherapy: 

  • Enhance your mood and soothe your soul.
  • Relax the mind from constantly processing thoughts, often on perpetual repeat, helping you to stop this thought process, allowing you to relax deeply.
  • Bring the entire being into a state of love, joy, peace and bliss.
  • Effectively reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Ease symptoms of depression, PTSD, and behavioural disorders. 
  • Supports deep restful sleep patterns.
  • Relieve physical pain.
  • Improve mental and emotional clarity.
  • Cleanse and balance the chakras (major energy centers). 
  • Stimulate and boost the immune system.
  • Bring you to a receptive healing and meditative state of Delta + Theta brainwave activity.
  • Deep feelings of peace.
  • Raise your vibration ~ allowing for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to heal themselves and come into alignment, balance and harmony.