Kasandra is a very compassionate therapist and has a strong passion for natural health and healing. After finding massive benefit in her own healing with Reiki — she obtained her Level II Certification in Usui Reiki in 2014 while living in Meadow Lake, SK. After moving back home to Saskatoon, she decided she needed to dive into the natural healing world more deeply, and in 2017 she obtained her 2200hr Diploma in Massage Therapy from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy.

While she was attending college for Massage Therapy, she worked at a local health food store for over four years which absolutely fueled her passion for natural health and wellness. She has a background in Nutrition and is aspiring to become a Homeopathic Practitioner. She believes strongly that there is so much more to healing than focusing on the physical body. While communication is key — with a gentle and compassionate approach — Kasandra assists her clients in easing the body, mind, and soul back into a state of alignment while following the nervous system’s responses and ques and intuitively listening to what is needed.

Alongside natural health and wellness being her passion, she loves reading, writing, learning, playing music/guitar, being outdoors, hiking, playing disc golf and golf and other sports, connecting with people, and so much more.