Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

Self-sabotage is simply a subconscious effort to stay exactly the same.

The human mind is prone to mimic behaviour that is repetitive and endorsed by authority.  The culture and family an individual is born into, ancestors included, imprints them with the way they perceive the world and themselves in it by broadcasting repeating messages in their formative years.  We continue being programmed by the objects in our environment, what we see on television and what we tell ourselves.  This process works similarly to hypnosis and the beliefs we acquire this way tend to create struggle and turmoil.  It is the belief that holds our world together and to change the experience we need to explore, understand and dissolve its source.  The outdated perception can be weakened by spiritual work, embodiment practices, meditation, psychotherapy, etc.

In Freedom From Self Sabotage (FFSS) sessions, the veil is lifted on a person’s conditioning.  The practitioner takes the client backstage of their subconscious mind so they can clearly see what’s been pulling their strings and preventing them from living their best life.  One does not have to go through life enacting unconscious patterns and undermining themselves.  FFSS sessions can teach a client to really hear their inner dialogue and speak the symbolic language of their subconscious mind, so they can reprogram it to seek health, abundance and fulfillment.

Colli Christante developed this deprogramming formula as an effect of her personal life journey, studies, courses and working through the process of deprogramming herself.  All methods she teaches in this program, she tried on herself and implemented in her personal facilitation practice.  Her goal is to help clients expand their awareness and teach them how they can easily come out of those repetitive loops of letting themselves down.

“You create your beliefs and then your beliefs create your reality because the world mirrors what you believe.”