Jade Stone Massage Therapy

Massage Using Polished Jade Stones

Jade stone is a semi-precious stone that is highly valued in China where it is ranked above all types of rare gemstones and metals.  There are two types of Jade:  Nephrite and Jadeite.  Jadeite is the gemstone used in jewellery and Nephrite is the type used in massage.

Jade is said to relax the nervous system and aid in the removal of toxins, so it has been used in a variety of different cultures over thousands of years, including the Egyptians and Mayans.

Each jade stone used for massage is mined, cut, shaped and polished in a process that can take up to 8 hours per stone.

Jade stones can be heated or cooled, combining the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy.  A therapist may place stones on or under the body in addition to using them as tools directly for massage, allowing the therapist to work deep into the muscle tissue to release tension and localized pain without discomfort.

Benefits of jade stone massage include:

Conditions that can be treated with jade stone massage include:

Jade stone massage therapy is offered at our Saskatoon location by Jennifer Zollen.

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