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Melanin, the brownish pigment produced by special cells in the base layer of the skin, determines an individual’s tan.  As the skin is exposed to the ultraviolet light, the melanin is activated and combines with protein cells that rise to the skin’s surface, thus producing a tan.  The amount of melanin in your body determines how quickly and dark you tan.  The more melanin produced and exposure time an individual has, the faster and deeper the individual will tan.

In order to avoid overexposure, which can cause eye and skin injury and allergic reactions, determine your skin type and follow the exposure recommendations below.


Usually burns easily and severely.  Tans minimally or lightly and peels.


Burns moderately and tans about average.


Burns minimally, tans easily and above average with each exposure.

SKIN TYPE V-Dark Brown

Rarely burns, tans easily and substantially.


Protective eyewear MUST be used during all indoor tanning sessions.  Failure to do so may result in severe burns or long-term injury to the eyes.  You may bring your own or purchase a pair from us.

Pregnant women should not use indoor tanning.  Individuals taking certain drugs that may increase photosensitivity or who have been diagnosed by a physician as being allergic to the sun should consult a medical professional before using indoor tanning.

When booking online, under "Select Your Treatment" choose either "Tanning (1-5 minutes)" or "Tanning (6-10 minutes)" and then under "With Whom?" choose "Tanning".

***We acknowledge that indoor tanning comes with risks and encourage our clients to use with moderation, just as they would with outdoor suntanning.***

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