Angel Card Reading

Guidance From The Angels

Angel cards are a type of Oracle cards, which come in various shapes and sizes and can feature inspirational and encouraging words, phrases and/or images.  Unlike the Major and Minor Arcana in a deck of Tarot cards, Angel cards do not follow a set standard for readings and vary from deck to deck.  An angel card reading channels messages from personal angels to guide the receiver through challenges, decisions and healing.  The readings focus on hope, love and joy, providing encouragement rather than warnings.

During an Angel card reading, you will choose a deck that speaks to you.  You may ask the cards a direct question or seek more general, open-ended advice.  Instead of providing a simple yes or no answer, the cards will give you tools to help guide your decisions and actions toward achieving your goals with regard to relationships, career, finances, health, home and other aspects of your life.

Angel card readings are offered at our Saskatoon location by Lucinda Proulx.

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