Michelle Bullee

Registered Massage Therapy

Michelle Bullee is a graduate of MaKami College’s 3000-hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program in Edmonton, Alberta.  Her approach to health and wellness has always been holistic and since she began practicing, her passion for massage therapy has only grown. 

As a long time snowboarder, cyclist and (very) novice climber, Michelle has experienced her share of crashes and repetitive stress injuries.  She has had many physically demanding jobs as well.  These experiences, along with her training, have combined to help give her a true understanding of the importance of treatment, recovery and prevention.  

Michelle approaches her treatments comprehensively with the understanding that everything in the body is connected.  She also finds it important to educate clients with an understanding of what is going on, which is something she has personally appreciated when being treated by healthcare professionals herself.

Michelle believes that balance is one of the key elements in maintaining overall health and wellness.  Using a combination of techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, assisted stretching and cupping, Michelle’s approach is to work in harmony with the nervous system to reduce pain, improve range of motion and restore function.  She recognizes that many people live with pain, but she has learned that our bodies actually have an amazing capability to heal and recover, and massage therapy has proven to be a very effective way to aid in that process.  It is her personal goal to assist you in achieving yours.

Michelle now offers optional myofascial cupping on all her massage treatments at no additional cost!

Michelle sees clients at the Saskatoon location where she offers the following services:
Direct Billing
Myofascial Cupping
Prenatal Massage
Registered Massage Therapy

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