Raindrop Therapy

Combination Of Reflexology, Massage And Aromatherapy

Raindrop therapy is the combination of reflexology, massage, vita-flex techniques and the science of aromatherapy. This therapy uses nine different essential oils to aid the body balance, align the energy centres and release them if blocked. The oils are applied to the feet, spine and legs. Each essential oil has positive and unique effects, which balance, align the body and promote a deep sense of relaxation. Raindrop therapy should not be done if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you are taking blood thinners.


Valor (blend): Balances energies and instills courage, confidence and self-esteem. It helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.

Thyme: Reduces fatigue and exhaustion after illness.

Oregano: Creates a feeling of security, relieves arthritis/rheumatism inflammation and aides digestive problems.

Cypress: Eases the feeling of loss, creates a sense of security and grounding. Also eases emotional trauma, calms, soothes anger and helps life flow better. Can help soothe irritating coughs and minor chest discomfort.

Wintergreen: Stimulates and increases awareness in all levels of sensory system. It is an anti-inflammatory and is known to decrease blood pressure and pain.

Basil: Fights mental fatigue. Eases pain from migraines, throat/lung infections and insect bites, as well as antiviral, antispasmodic and muscle relaxant.

Peppermint: Purifies and stimulates the conscious mind. When inhaled, it improves/restores sense of taste by stimulating the trigeminal nerve. Relieves digestive problems, headaches, nausea, skin conditions and respiratory infection.

Marjoram: Calms the nerves. Reduces arthritis/rheumatism, muscle/nerve pain, circulatory disorders and menstrual problems, including PMS. Relieves body and joint discomfort. May also help soothe the digestive tract and is a general relaxant.

Aroma Siez (blend): An advanced complex of anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing essential oils that promote circulation and relieve headaches and tight, inflamed, aching muscles, resulting from injury, fatigue or stress.

Raindrop therapy is offered at the Saskatoon location by Lucinda Proulx.

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