Personalized Yoga Programs

One-On-One Specialized Yoga Programs

Experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) and certified BodyTalk practitioner, Joanne Fisher (formerly Yanke), is pleased to offer one-on-one yoga prescription packages.

Yoga is for everyone. No matter your health status or mobility, there is a yoga practice that can help you. The key is determining what your body, mind and spirit needs help in balancing/repairing and what activities are beneficial to help you do it. Yoga is one of the oldest healing modalities. Focusing on body, mind, breath and energy, we can help the body to create balance in all areas and help the body to heal itself. No matter the concern, if it is digestive, back pain, arthritis, MS or cancer, there is some yoga you can do to help the body to heal itself and alleviate your symptoms. You will work with Joanne through assessing the imbalances, finding the underlying issues to chronic ailments and working with a variety of yoga techniques to help combat the issues.

Stress is a huge factor in all our lives and reduction of stress is the #1 reason yoga is now being recommended by doctors. Using movement (flow yoga), held postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama) and energy work (chakra balancing/repair), we can help the body to de-stress, create better alignment,  better communication and repair muscular imbalances that affect the entire body. This is a one-on-one approach to determining what your body needs and what we can do to help it.  Joanne's training in biomechanics, physiology, anatomy, yoga and BodyTalk allows for a comprehensive assessment and prescription of a specific program to meet your unique needs.

The yoga package is scheduled as a 2-hour initial appointment for the assessment and prescription with two 1-hour follow-up sessions to ensure you are confident with your program and doing it properly. You will also receive an audio recording of your prescribed program (link to a digital file to download to any device).

Additional follow-up sessions are available as a single session or as 5- or 8-session packages (much like personal training) if you need extra assistance or motivational support.

Personalized yoga programs are offered at our Saskatoon location by Joanne Fisher (formerly Yanke).

Please call Joanne with any questions at 306-341-3695 and book online through her website

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