Joanne Fisher (Formerly Yanke)

BodyTalk & Personalized Yoga Programs

Joanne Fisher, BSc. Kin., Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher and Infant Sleep Educator, is passionate about working with families. A desire to delve deeper into holistic energetic healing modalities after 10 years of yoga led Joanne to BodyTalk. Joanne loves how BodyTalk works to address the whole person physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. BodyTalk takes into account all aspects of the person, their environment, emotions and belief systems and helps the body to release so physical and emotional health can be restored.

With Joanne's passion for all things baby, she quickly discovered how BodyTalk can help with fertility, pregnancy, birth and baby. She offers special pre/postnatal bookings that treat both mom and baby in one session and treat the dynamics of entire families.

Joanne's website,
Fisher Family BodyTalk, has more information on her BodyTalk services and resources for prenatal students, babies and children as well as outcomes of a Child Distance Session Case Study conducted by Joanne and Sharon Koenning.

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Joanne sees clients at the Saskatoon location where she offers the following services:
Personalized Yoga/Self-Care Programs

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2315 Lorne Ave Saskatoon SK S7J 0S4

Telephone 306-974-1004