Joanne Clifford

Registered Massage Therapist

 Joanne graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in 1997. She has a general practice and has had proven success treating a variety of different conditions, including fibromyalgia, injuries and chronic pain. She enjoys working with expectant mothers with pregnancy massage and labour support. Joanne’s patients’ ages range from a few hours old to others in their late 90s.

Joanne uses a variety of techniques to help her patients reach their goals. She believes that in order to achieve the best results, therapy requires a joint effort between therapist and patient. Joanne’s goal in treatment is to provide personalized care to assist each client for optimal health. She looks to treat the root of the problem to provide long term resolution while addressing symptoms for immediate relief.

While focusing on massage therapy, Joanne’s intuitive treatment style can vary greatly depending on the need of her client. Joanne has practiced Craniosacral Therapy for 11 years (Upledger Institute, Level II) and has training in Onsen Therapy (muscle energy technique), Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology and Chi Nei Tsang. Most importantly, Joanne has seen that a successful therapeutic relationship begins with trust and strives to cultivate that with each of her clients.

Joanne sees clients at the Saskatoon location where she offers the following services:
Aqua Chi
Craniosacral Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Prenatal Massage
Registered Massage Therapy



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