Jmena Lerma

Holistic Health and Weight Loss Coach

Jimena Lerma, Holistic Health  and Weight Loss Coach.

Modern science is just beginning understand the human body. Nutritional science has opened many doors for us, but is only a starting point, and we can’t wait for science to catch up with the wisdom of the body. This is why the core of her philosophy is to access your body wisdom, and your body’s ability to heal and be a healthy weight. This is where a lot of the answers to healing lie.

Jimena’s biggest passion is helping people bringing their body back to a natural state of health and healthy weight by using the following Holistic strategies:

* Individualized Easy to follow Nutritional and lifestyle plans.

* Nutritional Therapy

* Mind-Body Nutrition

* Psychology of Eating

* Body wisdom

* Whole foods

* Herbal supplements

Jimena loves helping people lose weight naturally without diets or deprivation. She does not believe in counting calories, points or spending endless hours at the gym to achieve a healthy weight.

Her qualifications include:

* Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach

* Certification from Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition

* Registration with Canadian Alliance of Health Coaches – In Progress

* Completed Transform Your Relationship With Food Course by The Institute For The Psychology of Eating


• Two decades of various health issues (Severe digestive issues, IBS, Colitis, Underactive Thyroid, Adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and weight gain and Hormonal imbalance, etc.) that she was able to overcome naturally

• Battling an eating disorder and negative body image (anorexia, and compulsive dieting and exercising).

“In my own journey I learnt that my body doesn’t need a long list of medications to function – it can produce its own medicine, provided the right environment. I learnt that it is not necessary to be a slave to calories, obsessive dieting and guilt, to achieve a healthy weight”

Jimena’s knowledge and practice has been influenced by many experts in the fields of naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, Eating Psychology, and functional medicine practitioners including: John Bergman, DC, Dr. Robert Morse, ND, John Douillard, DC, Vaughn Lorence, ND, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride (creator of the GAPS Diet), Sarah Maria, Body Image Expert and more.

Jimena identifies as a lifelong student. She is passionate about learning how the human body heals itself and becomes a healthy weight, when it’s given proper nutrition, and care, and she continues to study this every day from her clients and her own journey.

Holistic Services Offered:

* Transformational Weight loss

* Individualized Digestive healing Protocols: IBS, Colitis, bloating, etc.

* Nutritional therapy for chronic fatigue, Adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance.

* Healthy Eating Coaching

* Nutritional Support for other health conditions. To Learn More Please Visit:

Types of Sessions and Fees:

Free Discovery Session: 20 minutes

Two biweekly (50 min) sessions per month - $180

4 weekly (50 min)  sessions - $360

Single session will be $95  for 50 min.

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Telephone 306-974-1004